Back soon, comrades

Should be back up to speed by next week. Decided to take a couple of weeks after the election to go through all the transcripts and recordings I have from jobcentres and work capability assessments, and get all that work in order for the next round of fighting.

Go well, all and remember – Labour was never going to give us social security back. As ever, we’ll have to go and get it back ourselves.

See you soon.

2 thoughts on “Back soon, comrades

  1. Labour intended to enact about 98% of Tory policy anyway. So the loss of ‘Ruthless Reeves’ and co. may not be a very great one.
    If this campaign showed anything it is that you can’t turn a character actor into a leading man, as they say in the theatre. Not even if you write the ten commandments of Labour and set them in stone.
    Perhaps this election will be remembered as the one where Labour failed to bring home the bacon, having already made a pigs-ear of the campaign.

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