How long do you have to wait to get a PIP appeal hearing after requesting one…?

Dealing with a couple of people who are waiting to find out if they’ll get a PIP appeal tribunal hearing and a date for that hearing if they do get one.

Does anyone know how long people typically have to wait to hear back after they’ve requested an appeal, or is this another part of things that is all over the place.

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  1. Benefit and Work are reporting “Virtual Abolition of PIP, DLA and ESA Appeal Tribunals As We Know Them”. consultation til 27 of this month. frightening.

    • Officious authority demands that claimants notify them of any changes to their circumstances. So why don’t the DWP write benefit claimants directly to notify us of such proposed changes?

      I am reminded of the time that I was at a ‘Manpower Services Commission’-run ‘Employment Rehabilitation Centre’ in 1978. We were told that the ‘vocational assessment’ reports made about us there were “too confidential” for us to ever have home access to them outside the presence of a ‘Disablement Resettlement Officer’ or their Assistant. Further, the medical reports made on us there were deemed, “Too confidential for you to ever have access to,” for fear that our knowledge of what was in could be detrimental to our health.

      By contrast, I believe that sick and disabled people knowing of this ‘consultation’ and getting support in responding it can result in better outcomes for us than our being kept entirely in the dark about it.

      The deadline is 27 October, further info at Dept of Justice website and give them your views here.

  2. Assessed mid April. Given results 2 weeks later [suspiciously fast, in my opinion]. Mandatory reconsideration May-June, when I was rubber-stamped a denial a second time. Sent off my appeal pack with the CAB and local welfare rights. Just had my tribunal mid-September but it was adjourned. Appeal paperwork came three weeks or so after sending it off. The date of the tribunal came a month before it was due. I don’t have access to paperwork at the minute but that’s the timescale I had.

    In short, mine took three months – longer if you include mandatory reconsideration as part of the process. Plus it’s taking longer with my adjournment. I’d estimate it depends where you are in the country.

    • Sent off appeals to DWP still waiting for tribunal appointment and it’s been well over 3 months. Rent support and ESA greatly reduced was told because I don’t have PIP I cannot have other benefits

  3. I registered an appeal to Tribunal against the Mandatory reconsideration and it has been acknowledged from 26.09.16. I have had a letter from the Tribunal service to say they give DWP a chance to respond.
    On average, given 2 months notice of a Tribunal date to appeal a PIP decision.

  4. If you are willing to accept a cancellation then it can be remarkably quick, however otherwise anything up to 6 month; further be prepared for an adjournment, particularly if the paperwork does not include recent GP report

    • Hi my name is Christopher Hodgson i have been waiting for 27 weeks for my Tribunal date to appeal a PIP decision.and when i phoned up on the 02/02/2018 they have told me it is going to be another 8 to 9 weeks that will be 9 months i will be waiting for

        • They are doing it to us all I have been told 12 mths that’s from my representative c.a.b they stopped my money last may although it shud hopefully be July wen I get my tribunal don’t give up keep on at them get as many letters as you can consultants doctors hope you do well kind regards Sarah

          • Omg 15 month later I have my tribunal date. Its set 4 the beginning of next month. I’m completely sh1tting it now 🙁

          • Don’t give up it’s horrible at the moment I am living off £32 I totally understand food on your table or gas and electric so many don’t contest there give up don’t take some one with you and stand tall it’s not a court you have done nothing wrong what they are doing is makeing you feel bad hope all goes well be brave am sure you will be fine all the best Sarah xx 😀

          • I waited 42 weeks for my Tribunal date, fingers crossed it should be heard on 21 May 2018. From my original assessment I’ve waited 56 months,

          • I waited 42 weeks for my Tribunal date, fingers crossed it should be heard on 21 May 2018. From my original assessment I’ve waited 56 weeks

          • Sarahkeen what a beautiful response, glad there are still good people in the world, as this process has you some very ugly humans, I mean on the inside.

          • Thank you Noel what they are doing to us is disgusting no money no pride every thing seems to disappear. I have gone hungry sat in the dark no money at all felt like giving up ridden the world with out me in it will change you will see the light giving up is not a option that’s what they won’t keep strong just for me with love Sarah xx

      • Hindi m waiting to hear about mine appeal.they got it in October 2017 and still waiting. Why does it take so long.

  5. Appealed Dec 2013, Tribunal Sept 2014. Problems caused by original mis-classing of ESA as FFW – still ongoing, I was on Max Mobility for DLA, this was stopped when ESA WCA assessed me incorrectly PIP reassessment – standard rate, so I can’t claim my car as a disabled vehicle and have to pay full tax!

  6. Appeal Dated 16 April 2016. DWP response evidence dated 15 June 2016
    Just had a hearing yesterday (3 Oct) adjourned for DWP to attend with missing evidence in 2 months

    • I’ve been eating nearly 35 weeks. I’ve got a serious health condition n other physical conditions n a mental health condition. I can’t believe they took me off pip. Now have to wait for tribunal.its totally wrong

      • Mine has been on going since last year it’s been a horrible time makeing my illness worse I have Evan had dark thoughts about ending my life rang up Leeds tribunal service June you will get a letter in 2 weeks .2 weeks past no letter 2weeeks later rang again ( not free phone ) you have only dun 43 weeks ??? Strange rang again I have in total 57 weeks no joy again excuses yet again feeling very low let down mugged off my friend surgested I get in contact with my local mp who was excellent sent off letters I have medical evidence etc apparently the back log at the local court is massive they are months behind I finally got a date 23 October hate to think how many weeks over .I just won’t it dun with it’s really got me down the lies etc my consultant has put my tablets up been on diazepam extra and more emergency appointments than normal with has a large impact on my family to sit and watch I nearly gave up no energy to fight I won’t give up not know writing this has been hard for me to do just hope it helps some one like me

        • Hi sorry to hear that. I feel been waiting since October last year. Heard nothing.should I get in touch with my mp

  7. I’m sure that the UK Government would argue that Virtual abolition of PIP, DLA and ESA appeal tribunals as we know them is actually designed to ‘streamline’ appeals processes.

    By contrast, I would recommend that the UK Government move toward trusting economically vulnerable people more than they trust their private contractors whose ‘digital services’ alternatives are always dodgy in terms of online security, delivery dates and cost to the UK taxpayer.

    And trusting economically vulnerable people more would lead to less mandatory retesting, and ultimately greater UK compliance with UN Convention or Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) legislation. Anyhow, I recall hearing at the UK Launch of UK sign-up to UNCRPD in March 2007, that it was reckoned that 1 in 7 or 1 in 5 of the population has a disability of some kind.

  8. Have just seen this on the blog of Caroline Lucas MP: Failings of the Personal Independence Payment assessment and appeal processes.

    Maybe more people affected or who know people affected by PIP should write their Conservative MPs such as Jesse Norman? Their Conservative MP might then get better information from constituents than they do from their party’s Welfare Reform Minister who is propably the longest ‘serving’ minister since the 2010 General Election.

    I know of one person who was helped by their Conservative MP’s intervention at Mandatory Reconsideration stage against being sanctioned. The MP in question was Malcolm Rifkind.

  9. I applied for a Tribunal Appeal last August 2016
    It is now 25th April 2017, still not heard.
    I am my son’s Carer and I am now on Job Seekers but I cannot apply for a job as I am my son’s Carer; yesterday was a nightmare when I signed on at the JobCentre. The signing on woman kept saying that I had to get a job and prove that I am trying to get a job; I kept repeating ‘ I cannot apply for any jobs as I am my son’s full-time Carer. We went round and round in circles, she was condescending and rude.
    “You are on the wrong benefit”,
    “I know , I said, but I was told to go on JSA because Carers Allowance has stopped plus my Income Support also”
    “You must apply for jobs”
    ” WE are waiting for a Tribunal Hearing and I am an unpaid Carer for my son now”
    ‘What will you do if you don’t win the appeal?
    “We will be up SHIT STREET”
    ” I will have to put my son in Care which will cost the Government more money than it does to look after him myself and get Carers allowance and Income support”
    This woman just kept repeating herself and got even more ruder.
    ” I wanted to tell her to “Fuck off” but it sounded like ” Thank you very much and have a lovely day.

    I think it was a bit like ‘I Daniel Blake” and I wanted to go all ‘ Withnail and I’

    • Hi Karen I’m in exactly the same position as you are. I’m now claiming jsa and was a carer for my son. I apply for jobs but can’t possibly work as I’m still a full time carer for my son and I’m 63! I’ll be retiring in a couple of years so no employer will want me! Im waiting for my tribunal date and I’m playing the waiting game just like you are. Hang on in there, and good luck.

    • Hi Karen.
      I am also in the same situation. I’ve been without carer`s allowance and income support for over 7 months now. My child tax credit also was reduced by two thirds. I couldn’t go on job seekers allowance as I am a full time carer and had to give up my 24 year career as a nurse to care for my daughter. It’s July now and I hope you have had the tribunal and it was successful. What a rotten situation we’ve been placed in. Not fair !!!

  10. Its not fair they have took mŷ dla & my caresers allowance off me without even seeing me we have lost Neil £700 between myself & my husband but lucklyI still get esa of £290 a fortnight to live on they don’t realise what they’ are doing to genuine people who need help,they want to get those ideal scum who get away with getting it fuediently ( I could name a few) so if you genuine you should have not to go through this if not having a disability isnot bad enough I hope there pride of themselves

    • Hi Katrina.

      None of this is fair. My daughter is autistic and the assessment criteria and how the assessment is done is designed to cause her as much stress as possible. The assessors report missed huge amounts of information, minimalized her problems and even lied. I’m really shocked at what the report said so much so, and the whole system, I feel I’m going to do something about this totally out of character and have a discussion with my MP. We need to complain about it. Those who are being dragged through the mill need to have a voice.
      We were left with £37 pounds to live on a week for three of us. The CAB said there was no provision to help us with this and suggested talking to my GP about some sort of sickness benefit which I refused to do because it was lying.
      This system is a mess and its our loved ones who are suffering because of it. We have a tribunal date later this month and have waited for 7 months for it. Who knows what the outcome will be. If it does go in my daughter’s favour that’s not the end of it. There’s the big sorting out of reinstating the benefits like carers allowance and paying borrowed back. It will leave a bitter taste in my daughter’s mouth for years to come because my daughter will just be waiting for it to be taken away again.
      I don’t think it’s just to get the scammers. They want to reduce the number of claimants down as well. Thank you for your message. I don’t know where you are in this process but I hope it gets sorted out for you.

      • “The assessors report missed huge amounts of information, minimalized her problems and even lied.” this is what happened to me, i have points on almost all of the catagories and i needed higher for both, but after thee assessment i dont have any points at all, she lied and ignores problems i face, and even put me down
        She told my husband to shut up, i have difficulties talking with people so i really needed him that day
        Im waiting to see the tribunal myself, im petrified to tell you the truth

        • Hi Vicky.
          I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. It’s totally unfair. The tribunal consists of three people, the judge, a doctor and another. In our case it was a disability specialist. The questions they asked were not necessarily related to the information from the assessment. I sent in to the tribunal my response to my daughter’s assessment pointing out the errors and missing information. I don’t think it made that much difference. What I do know is that if you can send as many supporting letters as you can that helps a lot because they take on board professional information. Also if you send them any information prior to the tribunal that is additional, keep it short because they won’t read it if it’s long. Don’t complain about the assessment/assessor until after you have a decision. There’s a complaints procedure for the DWP and the company that did the assessment. It may go against you.
          Get support. There is help out there and they can represent you. We used Voices for Choices which is a charity. The CAB can help but the person we had didn’t have the knowledge or want to support us.
          The tribunal itself wasn’t too hard. It was just a question and answer thing in a room. It took about an hour and more often than not they give you an answer there and then. If they can’t they will send it by post.
          Preparation is the best thing you can do. Get advice. I’ll try and find the information I was given which was really helpful.
          Don’t let this get to you. Many people have the original decision overturned.
          Best wishes.

        • Hi Vicky. I’ve just found the article I was talking about. It’s called Ways to challenge a PIP medical report. It’s on the website
          I’m not sure if you can access it but have a go. I’ve got the full article in a PDF.
          Kind regards.

        • Yes vicky.oyr assessor told to shut up and my wife couldn’t even talk that day as she has vocal problems.he lied ABD said she could talk perfectly well use her hands also when one is in a splint and she has it pinned.i have to wash her dress and undress her she can’t even push her own wheelchair.we have sent off appeal today as mandatory was refused. It makes me sick. We are living on crackers and cupasoup. We will have no money soon fir heating too. Im using my wife’s email as she can’t see due to vision trouble too

  11. I really feel I cannot wait for my tribuaral date. I also have an esa face to face August 2017. I dont trust these people as they have lied and ignored medical evidence. I am so scared and feel so unwell i will not be able to control the urges to cut myself up. I dont think i will be alive for the esa assessment never mind the triburnal. I have had enough.

    • Hello Lorrie.
      Don’t give up. I know that this stuff is scary. Don’t do this alone. I’m a single mum with two children, one of which has Autism. I could not go through this alone and I had to find help. Do you have anyone to support you, someone who can help you get through this? It felt like I was out of control of my circumstances and everything looked bleak. The fear was so great. That sort of feeling has a heavy impact on us as a person. Please consider seeing your GP. He/she may be able to help you with how you are feeling. If you want to chat to get things out of your system, please message me.

  12. Hi thank you for all your comments me my daughter my pip has been stopt I have a mental illness emotional split personality disorder times are hard am also a full time cara my daughter has autism learning disabilities and add to blows she was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year I’m still waiting for my tribunal been told it can take 10mths we’re living on £34 per week pls pls don’t give up hope they exspect people like you and me to give up one of my friends hung his self with the worry and stress they is help pls for me no more grahams all miss him stand tall get help Sarah xxx

    • Hello Ian. I get the impression it varies depending where you are. We waited 6 months but there should a time limit stated in their paperwork. I would phone up the tribunal service and ask them. They were helpful to us when we phoned up with questions. Also when you receive a large pack of papers from them with all the letters and documents from both sides it usually means that in a few weeks you will hear from them with a date. The time frame from when they give you a date for the tribunal and the tribunal itself is usually two weeks. I hope that helps. Best wishes. Jane

      • We (my husband’s claim) had his assessment in January and told he got no points, got knocked off DLA in April. We did the Mandatory reconsideration straight away again told no so appealed. We got the stack of paperwork back in May but still haven’t been given a date for the tribunal.

        • Sounds just like me they stopped my money full points to 0 then they gave me a few back I whent to my local citizens advice in Huddersfield the man I saw said it can take up to ten months the worry the stress mine was in may as well what I wud like to say is pls don’t give up I nearly did some one else said to me they aren’t going to rush when they know your intitled to it true good luck to you and your husband hopefully it won’t be long kind regards Sarah

        • Ours took six months. You can contact the tribunal customer service to ask. They were very helpful to us. The number should be in one of the letters in the bundle you received. When you get the tribunal date it’s very quick. There was two weeks from them informing of the date to the tribunal. I have heard some people have waited 8 – 9 months.
          I only found this out too late but if your appeal fails, and I hope it doesn’t, ask the tribunal customer services for a letter detailing the reasons for the court’s decision. It can take two weeks or so to arrive. They only give you a month to request a second appeal and you need the reasons why the first appeal failed. They didn’t tell me about this in the initial appeal decision letter.
          I wish you well.

          • Just an update. We had our appeal heard on Jan 5 and we won so we will now get enhanced PIP for daily living and standard for mobility plus back pay

      • Hello Ann. It’s not easy waiting. I’m sorry you’re going through this. When you receive what they call `a bundle` which is a copy of all the paperwork from application to the pip appeal from the DWP and you, you’re not far from the appeal. You need to have this bundle to know what was documented on your assessment. Before the appeal send in as many supporting letters from health professionals as you can to back up your claim. For my daughter we sent in a letter from her GP, the mental health team, her key worker and someone who specialized In autism.
        Please don’t worry about the appeal itself. It is fairly informal and just involves answering questions.
        I know when finances are not in our control is scary. It would be easy to think of the worst scenario here but don’t. If you need to talk things out please send me a message here.
        Stay strong.

    • A note here – this site is a journalism site which features stories about problems people have with the social security system. Advice as such isn’t offered. You need to get back in touch with the DWP re: direct questions about your PIP application.

      • Hi Kate. There are two other stories emerging here. One which shows the suffering of what people are going through as they go through this system, and the other being the lack of information from the DWP and tribunal service which is a real problem. These people and many others have no voice because these issues are not made public on the scale they are actually experienced. I haven’t come across one person yet who hasn’t been experiencing fear and in several cases, extreme fear, or has not had the information they require to successfully put their case forward. Neither is it public knowledge that can be found easily, of how many people are given PIP after going through the appeal system. I personally want to know how many autistic people are successfully receiving their benefit after application or going through the appeals system. I cannot find any information from any source about this but I have heard from many people that a high proportion of autistic people are losing PIP.

        • hello my wife had her dla stopped in febuary 2017 when assessed for pip she was declared fit for work even though she suffers from severe epilepsy i am her full time carer and had a tribunal cancelled on 6th october 2017 and am now still waiting for a new day .these people do not know what stress they are putting on people with this arrangment thank you

    • Hi Kate. Thank you. I know of someone who hasn’t gone through the system yet who is likely to fail because he doesn’t fit the criteria for PIP even though he has agoraphobia, cannot speak to people he doesn’t know, cannot cope with any change to his normal routine, cannot care for himself without assistance and has no support. He is a young adult who has Aspergers Syndrome. He has no chance of working and if his benefits are cut, will have hardly anything to live on. I can’t help him because my daughter lost the living component of her PIP so my benefits were cut by two thirds. I gave up my 25 year professional career to care for her because she was not coping at home or school and her behaviour hugely deteriorated because of the stress she was under. This is my example. How many are going through an absolute nightmare because of this system? It’s heartbreaking. There is no information on the internet I can find about how this affects the carers.
      I really think these things need to be in the public arena so the truth about this benefit and the system of determining who receives, this is known. It looks like things may get worse when they bring in universal credit especially those who have been refused PIP or receives part of PIP, and have to wait six weeks or more. Does this mean people are going to go into debt or just do without food, heating or a roof over their heads.
      Sorry, I’ve gone off on an tangent. It just makes my blood boil.

  13. When I got my letter back from assessment I thought they were talking about someone else the lies were unbelievable, I contacted my MP who was a waste of time and got a knock back from mandatory just waiting for tribunal. Does anybody know how you can transcribe a conversation taped on phone as I recorded my assessment and I want to show tribunal how they lied I also want to see if I can take assessor to court for lying on a government paper as we would be. I have had a gut full of these lying bastards have you seen how much they are paid to lie? 40k and 1k in their first wage packet drink and food vouchers, childcare unbelievable, paid to lie and leave vulnerable people stressed to the point of suicide. I bet it has cost more employing these professional liars, than it would to give us what we are due my blood is boiling I cannot wait for tribunal, don’t be scared the judges have had enough of their lies too Good luck everyone x

  14. I first applied for pip on the 8th may 17, got knocked back, so put in for a appeal an I’m still waiting for date, I’ve just rang the appeals court and was told to be expected to wait another 5 months before my court date. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE

  15. Hi my name is Christopher Hodgson i have been waiting for 27 weeks for my Tribunal date to appeal a PIP decision.and when i phoned up on the 02/02/2018 they have told me it is going to be another 8 to 9 weeks that will be 9 months i will be waiting for

    • Hi I was told bye my chap at the c a b just before Christmas depending on your area 12 mth I know how hard it is been about 10 mths for me so far hang in there Sarah

      • Hi thank you for your quick reply i dont know why they told me 27 weeks and when my Community Care Worker phoned them up about a month ago they told her i will get a date with in 3 weeks and that is when i phoned them so that is why i phoned them up on the 02/02/2018


  16. I have been waiting since November 2016 for a court date. No idea how much longer I will have to wait. I think I am going to have to contact them and find out why it has been so long

  17. I have applied for a tribunal for my PIP two weeks ago..will I receive a letter from them to say they have received my appeal? I posted the appeal special delivery to make sure it got there.

  18. Hi to everyone,,,I’m also in the same boat as y’all…my 1st tribunal was very quick in 2015,,I won it for 3yrs highest rate mobility..middle rate daily living..however was called to a elsa assessment in Jan 2017. Phone call from Dwp 3wks later (no letter) to say they were looking at taking my severe disability payment off me but I could stay in the support group,where they don’t hassle you to find work/interviews etc…May 2017 I received a letter asking if my situation had got worse,if it had to fill out the form and send back to dwp..which it had..home visit assessor followed..pack of lies written,before she left my home I thanked her for her time and apologized for the bad weather she’d had to come out in…she looked me square in the face and said “somebody’s got to work”.subsequently pip stopped as well..I’m 14 weeks into a 30 wks wait.I’ve took my complaint about the assessor to ICE,who deal with dwp she also said she spoke to my husband…haven’t had one of them since 20yrs one in my home except me that day..and she’s still insistent she spoke to a man……write EVERY MINUTE THING DOWN,KEEP EVERY SCRAP OF PAPER,AT LEAST 2 YEARS.DONT THROW ANYTHING AWAY.CHANCES ARE YOULL NEED IT…hugs to all.

  19. I have severe epilepsy and I seizure every day, I also suffer from depression. When transferring from DLA to PIP in March 2017 they have said I am no longer entitled. My appeal was registered on 27th October last year. They also made me do a second assessment in November and when I received a copy of the capita report the assessor had written so many lies and not written anything that my mum and I had said and didn’t mention that I have over six seizures during the consultation. He also claimed I have a full uk driving licence and that I go shopping on my own! Obviously both untrue I seizure every day so not only am I not allowed to drive, it is dangerous for me to go anywhere on my own for both my seizures and panic attacks from being around other people. I complained to capita about report and they sent a letter back stating that it was my word against his and that even if they could prove I was telling the truth about a number of issues I raised with them in the complaint, they still cannot change what is says on the assessment form. What is the point in having a complaints department if they can never actually resolve any complaint that is made!! I have been waiting over 20 weeks now and still haven’t received my appeals paperwork. They claim that the paperwork should be sent with 8-10 weeks to both myself and the appeals service from PIP. They have now said they are auditing a number of forms, mine being one of them so there is now going to be a further wait before I receive them. I have been in contact with MLA here and she is disgusted with everything. CAPITA have disputed all medical evidence I have sent them, from neurologists in Northern Ireland, and Professors in both England and Scotland. CAPITA claim that what my Drs have written in their letters is factually incorrect???? along with MRI, SPECT scan results and a list of about 50 medications I have been on that have not worked. They have medical evidence from Queens Square Hospital in London stating I have between 40 and 50 seizures during the day and between 60-70 during the night. This was measured using video telemetry. How can they claim all my medical documents are lies??? I am at a loss with them. The whole thing is completely ridiculous and the ‘nurses’ who do the assessment are not even nearly qualified enough to complete these assessments. They haven’t a clue. Northern Ireland

  20. It is so stressing waiting. I was getting middle rate carers and lower mobility on dla then I had to chance it over. PIP gave me no points the first time and only 2 the second time. I had a professional go over my case and said I should be getting middle rate easy. He sent my case file off to them for a tribunal, that was on the 21.02.17. It is now the 31.03.18 and I am still waiting for a date. We are losing out on roughly £400 dla a month including the carers allowance. I still have a full time carer but he isn’t getting paid for it. It is a really hard long struggle and my mental health is just getting worse though the stress and pressure of it all.

    I heard that if you win your tribunal case they will only back date the money 3 months, is that right?

  21. Everyone has the right to make a new claim for PIP you don’t need to wait f o r Tribunal, cause then aggravation as they did to you

    • i waited 8months,after i requested an was the middle of winter,minus 4 degrees below inside,theyd condemned my gas fire i spent my days and nights in bed with my coat on,was living off 50 pounds a week.mulipul serious medical conditions.cant express how dire it was.came close to taking my life..all on 1 womans lies on my assessment…a very lovely young man @ the dwp told me to write all of it down and send to the tribunal judges pleading for an urgent review,,,and i got one.on the day no one from the dwp even attended.!. now ive reported the assessment woman and a case is being investigated.,she put in her report she was speaking to my husband re the weather,,,I WAS ON MY OWN AND HAVENT BEEN MARRIED OR IN A R/SHIP FOR 30YRS.!. my advice? keep every little thing,duplicate everything,get names of who you speak to,record dates,AND FIGHT BACK. because if youre timid with the dwp youve lost.!. all the best.x

  22. I’ve first started my claim 3rd December 2020 got declined twice took it to tribunal and there saying anither 6-9 months to get my hearing date so probably be 2years by the time it’s done just for them to decline me again I have bipolar, emotionally unstable personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, core muscle disease, fibromyalgia bas depression and anxiety sent all hospital letters, mental health letters, carers letters n didnt even score 1 point its mind boggling really is

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