Labour lost. Stop the infighting. People can’t afford lefty petulance.

Am gracing you all with the tweets below, because I can’t stand the Labour intra-party bitching I’m seeing on twitter and facebook (could be a certain irony in going on twitter to attack people for being on twitter, but let’s do it).

Labour failed for a million reasons, supreme among which was and is a poisonous and self-indulgent factionalism that couldn’t be less interesting to 99.9% of the rest of us.

The main moral of the teachings below: get off fucking twitter and go and do something useful for the many people in poverty who really will need support when Boris Johnson gets going (those already making such contributions are of course excused from this instruction. Go well).

The harsh truth: outside of lefty and Labour circles, nobody gives a damn what goes on in those circles. I’ve been talking to people at jobcentres and foodbanks for over 10 years and literally nobody has ever said anything along the lines of, “how about that Owen Jones then,” or, “isn’t Margaret Hodge a witch,” or “yay, Novara media,” or “oh, Jeremy Corbyn,” or, “can I get involved in my local Labour branch,” or “how do I join Unite,” or anything remotely near those. People say things like, “I’m in arrears and they’re going to evict me,” and “I’m at court next week for council tax,” and, “I only got 2 days’ work this week and they didn’t text me this morning, so I’m fucked.”





So that’s twitter told. Simple stuff, I know, but surely no less sophisticated than a tweet in which some thinker calls Jonathan Freedland a prick, or Owen Jones a cock, or Watson a fanny, or Corbyn a bellend, or whatever.

How you can help

Going to add to this list – here are some activist groups that I work with and you can get involved in. Leave your politics and views (and goddamned phone) at home, and put people who need support at front and centre:

Kilburn unemployed workers’ group – user-led benefits support group which holds a weekly meeting and clinic for people who are struggling with what remains of the benefits “system.” Leaflets regularly at jobcentres.

Stockport United Against Austerity – same as above, in Stockport.

Charlotte’s weekly leafleting, advice and food parcels session at Ashton Under Lyne jobcentre.

Focus E15: weekly leafleting session outside Wilko on the Stratford Broadway. Hand out leaflets. Talk with the many people who have shocking housing problems. Offer to go to housing meetings at the council if people want that.

There will also be your local foodbank(s) – usually plural. If there are limits to the time you can spare, make donations.


PS – took the Get Over It out of the heading because misinterpretation. The rest of it – carry on. Am in the last couple of weeks of finishing my book, so normal service will resume in the New Year.


153 thoughts on “Labour lost. Stop the infighting. People can’t afford lefty petulance.

    • It really does take the biscuit doesn’t it when, a decade since it was announced, and some seven years since it was introduced that hardly a day goes by without some serious shortcoming with Universal Credit being highlighted in the mainstream media. Even the sectors of the press that have helped demonise recipients of the benefit find it impossible to put a positive slant on the failings of UC, but still the government persists in rolling it out.

      Surely they should now call it a day and accept that Universal Credit is the complete disaster we all know it to be, despite the relative few of us who have experienced no issues with it thus far.

        • Yeah, it gets increasingly farcical. There has been some comment on this plan on (The Real) Nye Bevan News group on Facebook, including a by a couple of ex DWP workers who point out what you’ve just pointed out Trev, and added that the DWP don’t have the capacity to deal with the workload they already have at Jobcentres, let alone the training they need to cope with the challenges presented by homeless people who have multiple issues such as drug and/or alcohol dependency or mental health issues, as well as, presumably, maybe not having a particularly positive opinion of DWP staff.

          • Yes those are all very good points. My Jobcentre is short staffed, JSA is group signings because of that. They are not trained to deal with such problems. There is a skeleton staff of Council and charity outreach workers already struggling to help the homeless. And all the homeless people I’ve spoken to have dropped out of the Benefits system and given up on the DWP. It’s a total non-starter.

  1. Universal Credit: Does it’s monthly design work for Claimants?

    Personally, I think it was much better and easier to budget in the days when Unemployment Benefit was paid weekly.

    • Or even every fortnight as it’s a far more regular time period than every calendar month, which being variable, can make budgeting a bit difficult. Of course, the biggest issue is that the payment is simply not enough at the best of times, and it’s even worse if you’re paying back loans etc.

      • Yes, Benefits are underpaid to begin with, sometimes delayed, in many cases deducted from, and have been Capped and frozen, plus are now expected to cover Council Tax payments and rent shortfalls in some cases. All in all a dysfunctional and inadequate mess for a great many of claimants. Give that man a Knighthood.

      • I’ve never actually spent any time in Hull, just gone there to board the North Sea ferry way back when, but I always thought of it as being a poverty-stricken place with no jobs and low life-expectancy ( though I think they were City of Culture a few years back), So I don’t know how they plan to fund Basic Income.

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