New link to download of my book

People have been asking for copies of my book as the previous pdf link has expired.

Have set the pdf here for download for another month. Many thanks to everyone who has downloaded and read it. The response has been incredibly encouraging.

The book collects interviews with people who have relied on the benefits system in austerity and goes behind the scenes to jobcentre & homelessness meetings to show people’s experiences of the austerity state.




6 thoughts on “New link to download of my book

  1. I had already sent the link, a couple of weeks ago, to my MP and he thanked me for the recommendation. He’s Labour but I thought he could benefit from knowing the truth and extent of the effects of Austerity measures and Welfare reforms on the most vulnerable as he is wealthy and somewhat cushioned and detached from the grim reality of life for the poor.

    • Cheers, much appreciated Trev. Sorry I couldn’t re-upload it to the same link. Software wouldn’t do it. Hopefully he downloaded it from the original.

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