Does Boris Johnson have to wait 6 months and more for universal credit since he lost his job

Bet he bloody doesn’t.

Food for thought this week at Stockport jobcentre – how do you support yourself if you get sacked?

“You don’t”, looks like the answer to this one. Well – you can if you’re Boris Johnson and can repair to the family pile, unwind with a Gordon’s and soothe the hurt for the next decade by frittering your various slush funds, but we’re hearing today that the party is slower to start if you don’t have the pampered arse background, etc.

We’re talking this morning at the jobcentre with Gary, who tells us he lost his driving job at the start of April. April was also the last time that Gary got any money to speak of. He says that he’s been doing a bit of window cleaning here and there, but he generally gets a handful of change for that, rather than anything vaguely in the vicinity of a living wage. So – it can a while between cocktails for Gary, unlike Boris. Gary had to move in with his dad to stay housed, but even that fallback may not turn out as well as Boris Johnson’s various housing options, because Gary is facing eviction.

Needless to say, the DWP has mostly jilted Gary. Haven’t quite got round to googling this yet, but I imagine that getting the sack when you’re a pleb is a hanging offence, so they’re probably teeing that up. Certainly, the DWP is being furtive in its relationship with Gary. Gary says he applied for universal credit in April, but that that was his last meaningful interface with the department. He hasn’t heard anything useful from them since, despite messaging them and messaging them and messaging them, etc.

He certainly hasn’t seen any money. He’s still waiting for a DWP decision maker somewhere to actually make a decision about his sacking and whether or when he can get any universal credit and what the rules are and so forth. Had a poke around online and I think people who are sacked have to wait some random length of time to start getting universal credit – 13 weeks, or 91 days or somesuch, depending on the reasons why you lost your job – misconduct, etc. Couldn’t quite tell which officious twat decided that was the figure to pull out of the privy – doubtless some diehard policy nut who decided that sacked members of the lower orders needed to repent for at least 3 months and more, and sleep in and eat out of a skip during that time to really feel it, etc. Such is the vengeful DWP and our vindictive political class. Never thought I’d write this line, but you’d probably get more mercy from the Church. Anyway – whatever the rules, nobody’s telling Gary.

Am now sitting here wondering if DWP cuts you any slack if you were sacked because your boss was a twat and you had no union rep, or idea of tribunal. I’ve met a number of people over the years who were chucked out of their (usually low paid) jobs largely because some ninny manager didn’t like them, rather than because they did anything seriously wrong. Actually, that happened to me once – I was sacked on the spot from a live-in pub job, because the manager didn’t like my boyfriend who also lived and worked there (we were employed as a package). My boyfriend was late for work one day and then he turned up and then suddenly that was our last day. There isn’t always a lot of dialogue with these things, unless you count the pub manager glaring at your boyfriend and saying, “5 minutes to pack and fuck off.” End of negotiations.

Even if you are the arse in the equation, your sins probably don’t include things like killing thousands of people with an asshat covid management “plan,” or holding banging parties while people are dying because your covid plan is manure. Still, the likes of Boris Johnson get to continue the high life while the likes of Gary get to eat out of bins and sleep in a drainpipe. Prince Andrew comes to mind as another inbred post-job dildo who should be doing a life sentence in a septic tank, but somehow isn’t. I live in hope that his time will come.

As for Gary – his time is still a way off from the sounds of things. He doesn’t know how much longer he has to wait for a universal credit payment, because nobody will tell him. Six months into the benefits paperwork swamp and he’s mired in that part of a universal credit application where some part of you is still trying to keep the hope alive by sending repeat messages into the void. “I sent them messages saying what is happening and I still haven’t been paid.”

Gary says he’s abandoned hope of getting an answer locally. His next idea was to make a trip to one of the DWP’s head offices where he could complain about the lack of response to his problems, or at least hold a sit-in at the entrance until someone noticed him. “I was going to just wait outside the front,” he says. The only other firm plan he has at the moment is to sofa surf when he’s evicted. That one’s a definite, because he has nowhere else to go.

There’s a local law centre evening in Stockport now, so we refer Gary to that for help to sort the mess out. In answer to the question as the start of this post – this is how you support yourself if you’re an everyday punter and you lose your job. If you’re a rich punter – well, you fill the thermos with a remedial wallbanger and head off on the speaking circuit. The one positive that I can see to all this disparity that is going on at the moment is that the longer it goes on, the more likely it is to end with a guillotine. In the meantime, though – if you’re going to get sacked, be rich.

13 thoughts on “Does Boris Johnson have to wait 6 months and more for universal credit since he lost his job

  1. I thought something similar about Truss. She left Uni and entered Politics, never worked a day in her life. I’ve got a CV as long as your arm yet I’ve been put on the Work Programme. Why isn’t Truss on the Work Programme? As for the DWP, if you think it’s bad now just wait ’til they’ve sacked 90,000 Civil Servants. Universal Credit is a pile of shite, we all know that, but even if Labour get in Starmer & Reeves won’t improve things, nothing will change apart from the Benefit’ s name.

  2. HOW?; how in the hell can you spend your day (days) watching channel after channel attempting to outdo each other in their obsequious toadying to someone born into privilege, who lived a life without any pressure of survival, enjoying the best housing/medical care/food/clothes/no washing/cooking/domestic chores/assisted with every bloody thing; – though of course ‘worked hard’; and who lived to the age of 96.
    What in the hell is in the heads of people who line up for hours on end, to do the royal shuffle past, and camp for hours and days with their flasks, sandwiches and flags to watch an indulgent spectacle of a system that has for centuries screwed the bloody arse off them.
    How can so very many (incl of close friends), drive a few miles just to sign a condolence book, -and spend yesterday watching the pomp and ceremony of someone who died after a full life; of old age.
    I am neither sad or glad for this loss.

    How do you then not give a flying fuck about the old lady who is cold hungry and lonely, right next door to you. Or Gary, or N, or……….’I got a million of ’em’.

    How do you do that? Because we DO do that. Because hundreds of thousands do that. That’s why so many are simply thrown on the human scrap heap, without any concern by others.
    My only hope is that this gets so bad, that it starts to affect the obedient turds; that it comes to you; all of you. Then perhaps you might get your apathetic little arses in gear, and go for the people responsible for this.

    I get so sodding frustrated at sheeple.

    • I wonder if the fact that so many people work online is removing people – especially people of means – further and further from poverty because they’re not even falling over homeless people at the train station any more.

      The queen thing I really didn’t get, but wondered if that was because I didn’t grow up here.

      • I’m not the sort of person who is obsessed with the Royalty, and I’m genuinely disinterested in the peccadilloes of the younger generation of Royals, but having said that I did, strangely, feel saddened and sort of shocked by the Queen’s death, and I don’t really know why except for the fact that she has been the reigning Monarch all my life and without me previously realising it she did embody some sense of stability and continuity that felt more obviously missing with her passing. So yes, I did watch the whole thing on telly, as I’d never seen a royal funeral before and had nothing else to do anyway as I was stuck at home whilst the landlady had sent someone round to paint my recently plastered bedroom wall. I was enthralled by the pageantry, the timing of the ceremony, and the sheer weight of history behind the tradition involved. And yes having a Monarch as a figurehead in a Democracy is a good way of preventing a Dictatorship that can arise in a Republic if a Fascist stages a coup, as Trump was attempting in America for example.

  3. I’ve been away, and don’t have a smartphone, so can’t pick stuff up (which tbh I am more than happy about!), but I wanted to say something about ‘wot I rote’, and why.

    I know we’ve moved on. We have to. Things were always God awful for so many, and we knew they surely couldn’t get any worse……..And we (you) are now dealing with that ‘worse’.
    This lady is now laid to rest, and has moved into the near past quite quickly, because of what is currently happening. BUT: I vented my spleen, and it needs explanation.
    All the more so Trev, because you would be almost the dictionary definition of the antithesis to sheeple! I did not mean in any way to offend you.

    My reasons for ongoing anger are twofold; both in myself and the events of 8 September and following.
    Without full detail I might of touched on my mixed culture, but that culture is Pashtun. I’m not going to go with the ‘civilisation’ of that region; the Partition; the rape of Afganistan; that’s a whole other discussion. I’m talking about the nature of the Pashtun which broadly is of a very hospitable culture (I’m not really!) but also very vengeful. That I am. Neither proud or ashamed of it. I don’t forget, and maintain a simmering anger for a fair whack of time.

    I was across the pond when Diana Spencer was killed. That country for me (where I was), was so apathetic. But the reaction to that lass’ death was extraordinary. I had never before or after known such a pall over the city. It was almost bizarre and it went on for weeks. I watched that girl’s funeral and wept, and felt an utter fury for how that whole thing had developed.
    We each have a different view. Mine is that a 19yo walked down the aisle, and at that point was only too well aware of someone in the congregation. My view is that that kid (to me) was quite blatantly used to sire future Kings, and realised that situation when it was too late. My view is that that ‘family’ used that kid and disgarded her; expecting her to ‘go along with the way it works with Royals’; and when she did not, she became emotionally and physically ill.
    I still view with utter venom the refusal of the Monarch to lower the flag until public opinion forced her to. I took a grim satisfaction in seeing her inclining her head as the coffin passed.
    I admired that kid’s courage for standing up to them, even when she KNEW how Bashir had got that interview; she issued a statement at the time that she would still have gone ahead. I doubt that it was face saving. She had bottle.

    And throughout all the Royal shenanigans of various members of that family and their questionable behaviour, I remained a benign Monarchist on the grounds that they may harm each other, but they could no longer send us to the Tower for a very short back and sides. And for exactly the reasons you support them.

    That was until that little prick William -when the Bashir matter raised its head again; referred to Bashir feeding (fuelling?) his Mother’s ”paranoia”.
    That little swine IS saying his Mother imagined a situation that is now very glaringly apparent. That lass must be bloody spinning in her grave at that open back stab. He made that statement btw, only about 6 months ago.
    For me it was the final straw. I have utter contempt for them. I was obliged when in uniform to curtesy to Margaret when she flew into our base to visit a university where she was chancellor, but I don’t want or need to do that now.

    Royals have a track recording of using people, and of turning on their own. What we saw in what is modern recent history, is how they all, including the then Monarch, treated someone like a commodity. Isn’t that familiar? It’s a vile feeling.

    I remember the anger here in the UK at the time, and I am delighted that Princess Diana had many more tributes and flowers on her death, than did the Queen. Delighted. I only wish that people did not forget so easily how that family has/had behaved. I will be damned to hell if I will mourn the death of ANYONE who has treated another so poorly.

    That’s why I felt so frustrated and angry. I tolerated them through gritted teeth until that prat ALSO treated his Mother with disrespect years later.
    I save my sadness for that poor girl.

    • Hey, no explanation necessary Linda, and certainly no offence taken. I’m not at all a Royalty obsessive, rarely give them a thought ordinarily, just that on this occasion it did feel momentus and significant, the end of an era, which affected me strangely though I am also a History buff, so it was just something I felt worthy of observance. Also an acknowledgement of myself getting older might have had something to do with it.

    • Your thoughts on Diana match mine perfectly, Linda!
      There was only 6 months between our ages, so I watched with horror as that beautiful, innocent, girl, was turned into something totally opposite to her nature.
      I, too, cried at her death – & it was at that point, that I saw our ‘royalty’ for what they really are: leeches, sucking the life out of everything, and every one they touch!
      Seeing Harry’s Megan getting the same treatment brought that same feeling of rage back to me, & spurred me to becoming a registered Republican!
      I also look at Katherine, & see that same fragility that Diane wore towards the end of her marriage, & wondered if William were more his father’s son, than his mother’s – I think you answered that one for me!
      I loath everything about the Establishment, i& will never acknowledge Charles as my King.
      The Tories, who are rapidly bringing back Victorian illnesses, along with their attitudes, are toadies of the highest order, and spend their lives thinking they are of consequence, even though they aren’t.
      It hurt me, to read of poor Gary’s situation. as the DWP always manage to make people’s lIives ever worsened!
      I lost my husband 4 years ago, & was left, literally penniless, the minute I phoned the DWP when he died. He had been my Carer, despite his own illness, bless him.
      We had our usual joint ESA payment put in the bank, the day before my hubby died – but the minute I told the DWP, they withdrew every single penny of that payment, leaving me penniless, disabled, & widowed, with the only advice: to claim ESA for myself.
      It took almost 4 months to get my first payment, and if it hadn’t been for the generosity of friends, and my wonderful landlord, (yes, there are a few!), I would have starved, and gone homeless in that time!
      I’ll never forgive, or forget, what the DWP put me through!
      To make matters worse, I’m expecting a letter any day now, forcing me to sign up to UC as, despite the current financial crises, the DWP are still going ahead with forcing those of us disabled people still claiming ESA, & with SDP, to go over to UC, where we’ll slowly lose every penny of that ‘transitional protection’ they so proudly boast to the public that we’ll get – while forgetting to tell them that the payment, with every April Rise, will go down, until it’s all gone, & we’ll be left ever more worse off, but with the same extra financial needs, that our SDP helped us with, on ESA!
      I wish the public would realise that the Tories only designed UC, as a way to get ever more people off of Benefits, & out into their idea of the perfect workplace – the Victorian ideal, that is!

      • Nice to hear from you Katie, less nice about what you’re going through, along with so many others.
        I am lucky enough to be secure (as far as anyone can be), nowadays, and I get more money now (qualified for, and all legal!), from two Government’s, -than ever I gave them!

        I had to get bloody old to do it of course, which is a bummer. I was talking to someone else recently; a little older than me, and we get so mad at our arthriticky bods not doing what we tell them to do. BUT: I look at what is put up here. What Kate does is show the filthy ugly side of the Right. And we thought it could not get worse…..(One of the worst things about Thatcher Truss is that she has made Boris look good FFS!)
        …….But of course that isn’t the worse thing about TT is it?
        I never lose sight of how lucky I am. I am frustrated and angry at what is happening, with no affective way of dealing with it (I’m looking at you and your mob ‘Sir’).

        ……and this morning I hear, that a new Royal yacht is being considered. I know I swear a lot, but there is a limit, and I reckon Kate will have to delete my post if I respond to that in the way I want to.

        It’s funny how we hold same yet differing aspects of views.
        I know the topic is about Doris, but I wanted to respond to something you said: I don’t hold the same view about Meghan. For some obvious (by now!) reasons, I was pretty chuffed about her mixed culture, and also that she was a tad older than Harry.
        Harry is the one I believe who is emotionally damaged by his Mother’s death. He grew up; he fell in love.
        Here’s the thing Katie; I was puzzled by Meghans assertions.
        I would be first in the queue on racism, -I still remember what my brothers were called. They were darker than moi.
        The press seemed to be unwilling for any repeat of what they were accused of over two decades before.
        Instead they went after Thomas Markle and the half sister, disparaging anything they were saying. In time that changed, because of MM’s assertions about her past, and particularly about the press. But at that time, I think the UK press was protecting this new Royal from any criticism. I really do. Markle senior was even frank; admitting to taking money for photo’s, because he was struggling. Ultimately though, what both were saying was looked at more closely because the press were a tad miffed by then. In my humble opinion; for good reason.
        If there was racism btw, that racism came from online forums; it did not come from the UK press, and this lass was in no way as badgered and harassed as was Diana Spencer.

        But young Harold was vulnerable, and deeply in love.
        I won’t go further with this, other than to say that a lot of what the Duch of S does not add up. It’s inconsistent, but her husband has gone strongly into protection mode.
        A sad irony is that it was her Father that was there, not her Mother, who (apparently) left, and was not heard from for over a decade.

        Who knows? But this I am certain of. MM was not treated remotely like DS. Not close, but Harry’s vulnerability has transposed that original treatment of Mum onto a wife who HAS claimed it as her scenario.
        I’m not big on the ‘happy family’ thing, but even I know, that being critical of both sides, and cutting ties with both, has to make one wonder if the ‘we’re right, and they’re wrong’ thing, is at least questionable.

        I feel a bit sorry for Hazza. He actually does not seem too happy in many of their photie’s. Maybe I’m imagining it.

  4. Truss and Kwarteng’s plans to create a false sense of economic recovery to further enrich the wealthy whilst throwing UC claimants and everyone else to the wolves is a dangerous and risky exploit that when last attempted by the Tories exactly 50 years ago during the first energy crisis resulted in an inflation rate of 24%. Just sayin’. But the hardship to come for many is going to be worse than anything we’ve seen before.

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