My “Banned Recording” recording

Perhaps not quite as thrilling as the title of this post would have you believe… but this is the recording of the December West Lancashire borough council meeting that WL Tories told me to drop.

The chief executive stopped the meeting about halfway through to tell me to stop recording and tweeting.

The argument about my recording and tweeting starts at the beginning of the first clip below.

Councillors debate the recording issue for about a minute, then return to the discussion they were having about the refurbishment of council buildings.

Labour leader Paul Cotterill picks the recording issue up again at 6:56. Councillor David O’Toole, who made the complaint about the recording – and the dangers of members of the public editing recordings unprofessionally – is heard from towards the end.

Clip 1 (10 mins)

This second recording is an unedited version of the entire meeting.

Full (102 minutes)

A small resistance to be sure, but one I wanted to see through. Next West Lancashire council meeting is in a couple of weeks.

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