A potential breach of conduct towards @FocusE15 mums by Robin Wales?

Update Thursday 23 October:

All a bit disappointing at the Standards Committee meeting this week. After waiting two hours for the committee to deliberate, the Focus E15 group was told that although the committee had come to a preliminary decision about Robin Wales’ behaviour towards the Focus E15 mothers at a recent mayoral event (see the video below), the committee wouldn’t be reporting that decision immediately “because we have asked for some further matters to be looked at….as there are some matters that need further clarification that have been brought to our attention.”

The committee wouldn’t say when the decision would be made public – only that it should be “this side of Christmas,” Which was frustrating, to say the very least. God only knows what further clarification is required. You can in the video below that the sequence of events is fairly clear. You do wonder how many times the committee needs to watch the video to get the picture.

The only real highlight of the evening came when a couple of the young people in the Focus E15 group took out a “We’re watching you, Robin Wales” banner. The revealing of this banner sent Security into meltdown. The young people were told to put the banner away immediately and some bloke rushed into the room saying “Who has got a banner? Has someone got a banner?” He seemed a bit frantic, for someone who’d heard news of a simple banner. It really was only a banner. When I left the room, I noticed there were coppers in the hall. Sigh.

Rock on democracy.

Update Tuesday 21 October – should find out tonight if Wales breached the code of conduct and what’ll happen to him if he did.

Newham standards advisory committee meeting
Tuesday 21 October
Newham Town Hall
East Ham E6


Original post:

Tonight, the Newham council standards advisory committee met to further consider a misconduct complaint made recently against mayor Robin Wales. The committee decided that there had been a potential breach of the councillors’ code of conduct by Wales and that another hearing would be arranged to consider more evidence and decide on any action.

This makes for interesting times for the Focus E15 campaign. And for Wales.

The history of the complaint? – Wales lost his temper with the Focus E15 mothers at the mayor of Newham’s show in July. It was a family day, but Wales spat the dummy when the Focus E15 women asked him about social housing for families in the borough:

Not one of his better performances.

Said the standards committee this evening:

“The committee has agreed that there is a potential breach of the code of conduct. We will reconvene a subcommittee – which will be the entire standards committee invited to consider the complaint. At that subcommittee meeting, we will decide what, if any, further action there is after that. We have asked the independent investigator for some additional information ahead of the subcommittee meeting. We are looking to reconvene the subcommittee within the next two weeks.”

Stay tuned.

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