Support Barnet careworkers as they strike against pay cuts this week

From Barnet Unison:

Unison members who are careworkers for the outsourced Barnet care company Your Choice Barnet (YCB) will take further strike action this week in protest at the harsh 9.5% pay cut imposed on them by their employer. The strike dates are 24 and 25 February.

This will make a total of eight days of strike action since the dispute began. The careworkers provide support and care services to disabled adults in Barnet. They say the service is deteriorating as a result of cuts.

Unison Branch Secretary John Burgess said:

“The driving motivation for our members in this dispute is their fears about what is happening to the quality of services. Low pay in the care sector does not deliver high quality services. It does not appear to work for Capita, we are at a loss as to understand why this would work for care workers in YCB.”

Barnet Unison says the council has clearly been giving preferential treatment to its private contractors with the news of Capita has already received £110 million in the first 16 months of the two contracts. If YCB were to receive this, it would carry on producing a service to the residents on the scale it does for the next 18 years with no pay cut to staff!

24 & 25 February picket line details

Flower Lane Day Centre
41 Flower Lane
London NW7 2JN

Rosa Morrison Day Centre
83 Gloucester Road
London EN5 1NA

follow @barnet_unison for updates from the pickets.

The start times are 7.30am to 12noon. See Barnet Unison for more details.

Please sign and share the petition to save services for disabled adults in Barnet from this ongoing privatisation and destruction:

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