For Monday morning: Sweets Way occupiers in court to fight evictions

From the Sweets Way campaign: support tomorrow morning if you can: Monday, March 23, 2015, 09:30, Barnet County Court – St Marys Court, Regents Park Rd, London N3 1BQ

Two weeks into a political occupation that has expanded from one to six homes on the Sweets Way Estate in Barnet, occupiers and residents will be going to court to challenge the replacement of perfectly good and truly affordable homes, with yet more luxury new builds.

Following the delivery of court papers, late in the afternoon on Thursday, March 19, residents, ex-residents and supporters of the Sweets Way Resists campaign will be going to Barnet County Court against private property developers Annington Homes on Monday, 23 March, at 10:00am. The campaign aims to challenge the legal processes used by Annington against the estate’s remaining residents, as well as those involved in the political occupation of 60 Sweets Way, during the company’s attempts to bulldoze the estate.

Supporters and families will also be gathering outside of the courts to stand in solidarity with those fighting the social cleansing of Sweets Way on the inside. Families and activists will be available to share their stories with the media.
In the past week of the now-two-week-old occupation, Russell Brand has hosted a ‘sleep-over’ at the Sweets Way social centre [2], members of the community have been ignored in their attempt to deliver an open letter to James Hopkins, Chief Executive of Annington [3], and a petition against the estate’s demolition has garnered nearly 50,000 signatures on [4]. It has also been revealed by various sources that Terra Firma, the private equity company that owns Annington, is tied up in a range of questionable tax affairs and close relationships with high levels of the Conservative Party, bringing a national dimension to this seemingly local story.

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[1] Facebook event: Sweets Way Resist’s Day in Court: CALL FOR SOLIDARITY!:

[2] Russell Brand visits Sweets Way [pics]:

[3] An open letter to the Chief Executive of Annington Homes:

3 thoughts on “For Monday morning: Sweets Way occupiers in court to fight evictions

  1. There are 3 voting areas around Barnet, each one with a sitting Tory MP.

    Finchley and Golders Green
    Chipping Barnet.

    Voting different in big numbers by the poor, for small parties best chance this year, as do not need enough MPs to form a government on their own, as coalition is key from now on:

    Chipping Barnet
    Green Audrey Poppy

    Finchley and Golders Green
    Green Adele Ward

    Green Ben Samuel

    LONDON candidates

    BETHNAL GREEN AND BOW: Duncan Disorderly
    CROYDON SOUTH: Jon Bigger
    HACKNEY NORTH: Tim Wells

    TUSC – are running 26 candidates throughout London

    Bill Martin is standing in Islington North
    Daniel Lambert is standing in Vauxhall

    The poorest voters now outnumber all other voters, and with so few voters due to come out, then the poor have the best chance in a generation to utterly change Labour and outst the Tories this year.

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  3. At this time of commenting under the search keys
    “social cleansing” “privatisation” “social housing”
    it seems that Brent Council — which is a close neighbour to LB Barnet — is going from starving local leisure services that enrich the lives of poorer folk, to allowing property developers to get their clutches onto leisure and education space land that ha been vacated as a consequence of council funding cuts.

    Welsh Harp Centre to be leased out by Brent Council.

    And because local blogger Martin Francis alerted his readers as to what Brent Council was doing, local residents are making enquiries of Brent Council. .

    The old saying goes that “the price of liberty is constant vigilance.” As corporate privatising interests seem to be given free rein at annexing central and local government services, maybe ‘constant vigilance’ is also the price of public services when global corporations cheat us out of the revenues that should be funding the live running rather than [interim] ‘moth balling’ of public services?

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