Maximus protest videos & pictures: how people can and will destroy big corporates

To Central London today, where Disabled People Against Cuts blocked roads outside Maximus HQ in Queen Anne’s gate and then the DWP at Caxton House and Victoria Street in protest at the Maximus contract to run the work capability assessment for disability benefits.

The turnout was good and the intention clear. Disabled people and campaigners will not stop until the Maximus contract is in tatters. Protestors managed to kick Atos out with its tail between its legs, so there is every reason to target Maximus with confidence.

Which people did today. Confidence is the word, too. The campaign against Atos was ultimately very successful, which means that people know they can do this. Doesn’t matter what sort of effort Maximus puts into the so-called “Customer Experience” that sick and disabled people who must go through the work capability assessment have when they apply for Employment and Support Allowance. Everyone knows the real point of the government’s WCA exercise is to throw people off disability benefits – and very likely to eliminate disability benefits altogether. People in real need died after Atos found them fit for work and their benefits were stopped. It’s very hard to imagine that’ll change simply because Maximus has decided that it’ll be pleasant to people as it recommends that their meagre benefits are cut.

These protests are significant for everyone. When Atos was running this shambles, DPAC and campaigners proved that it was possible to end a corporate contract by destroying a corporate reputation. That was a very useful result in an era where so many vital public services and functions are outsourced to companies like Maximus. You could argue that the New Era campaigners got a similar result. Removing a major corporate from the picture is something that people can do. And want to do, by the looks of it.

Disabled campaigners block Victoria Street:


Blocking the roads at St James station

Blocking the roads at St James station




Blocking Victoria Street and reading captions written by campaigners:


2 thoughts on “Maximus protest videos & pictures: how people can and will destroy big corporates

  1. The Disabled number about 11 million in the UK. That is a massive vote bloc of all ages. Then add their family and carers. In or out of work, of all ages.

    A great many are poor and suffer sanctioning to nil food money.

    Want to end all private welfare admin contracts and end all the cruel benefits regime.

    There is a way from the power of the people from 7 May.
    See how at:

    You might care to spread the word of my little website in your social media like facebook and Twitter,
    because the media is not giving coverage to these alternatives, who could change Labour to bring full help to all disabled,
    because on its own at the moment
    Labour could not shut out Tories from continue to rule for another 5 years, even if Labour got a few more seats.

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