Barnet council workers to strike against privatisation of even more services

From Barnet Unison:

On Thursday 30 April and Friday 1 May, Barnet council workers will strike against council plans to outsource even more council services.

The workers facing privatisation include: coach escorts, drivers, social workers, occupational therapists, library workers, children and family centre workers, street cleaning and refuse workers – all of whom have made it clear they want to remain employees of the council.

UNISON Branch Secretary John Burgess said: “This dispute is all about how strongly our members feel about wanting to remain council employees. They don’t want to work for big multi nationals who will quickly dump the staff to another contractor if they are not making enough profit, which appears to be happening to 3,000 workers in Staffordshire. They don’t want to work for a company that won’t pay the London Living Wage. They don’t want to work for a company that uses zero hours contracts. They don’t want to work for a company that will take jobs out of the community they serve. They want to work for Barnet Council and remain directly accountable to the residents of Barnet.

“One of our members has written and produced a music campaign video called “The easyCouncil Loco-motion” which pretty much sums up the mood of our members:”

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