The hell with the Tories: Barnet council workers strike against mass privatisation

From Barnet Unison:

Barnet Unison members who still work for Barnet Council (that is, the people whose jobs that hopeless council hasn’t already cut or outsourced) begin a 48-hour strike on Monday 1 June against council plans to privatise a whole new mass of services.

People whose jobs are threatened by this latest wave of proposed outsourcing include coach escorts, drivers, social workers, occupational therapists, schools catering staff, education welfare officers, library workers, children centre workers and street cleaning and refuse workers. They have all made it very clear that they want to remain Barnet Council employees. They don’t want public services or their jobs outsourced.

“Our members don’t want to work for an employer which will place shareholders’ legal demands before local residents’ needs,” says Unison branch secretary John Burgess, rightly. “Our members don’t want to work for an employer which uses zero hours contracts. Our members don’t want to work for an employer which will not pay the London Living Wage as a basic minimum. That’s why 87% of our members working for the Council voted ‘Yes’ to taking strike action.”


I do like the way that the Tories try to argue that they need to curb the right to strike to protect essential public services. The truth is that people often need to strike to protect public services from Tories and privatisation. Ironic, innit.

Picket line information for tomorrow – get to the pickets if you can:

Monday 1 June

1. North London Business Park—From 7am
2. Mill Hill Depot—From 6am
3. East Finchley Library—From 9am

At 10.30am, strikers will travel to the Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 9PJ for a special screening of the Russell Brand Film “The Emperor’s New Clothes” starting at 12pm.

John McDonnell MP will lead on a Q&A session after the film.

Tuesday 2 June

1. North London Business Park (NLBP)—From 7am
2. Mill Hill Depot—From 6am
3. Edgware Library—Start  am onwards.

At 12pm, the strikers will march from the NLBP to St John’s Church Hall Friern Barnet Lane, N20 for a rally.

Other ways you can help:

Sign the petition to stop the outsourcing plans

Follow @barnet_unison and #BarnetStrikes. Share updates!

Follow Barnet Unison on Facebook and like our page and share our posts.

Email messages of solidarity and support to

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