Take action against energy companies! I will. Southern Electric is ripping me off

On 25 November, Fuel Poverty Action will take action in parliament against energy companies and welfare cuts.

One of the reasons that I am going is that I have been in personal dispute with Southern Electric for about a year. They take a lot of money from me and I do not like it.

In the last year, Southern Electric has:

– Sent me a letter saying that I might owe them £2000. They said that this might be a mistake without checking whether it was a mistake before they sent the letter. They decided it was indeed a mistake after I said “two grand? I think not.”

– Installed something called a Day-Night metre so that I could be charged at the “correct” rate – ie nearly £30 more each month.

– Said I can’t leave for another company until I pay off a so-called debt (I believe the technical name for this is “ransom.”) My account was in credit and then it wasn’t. I literally don’t understand where their totals come from.

– Said that they’d invite me to customer focus forums and then said they wouldn’t (they’ve now said I’ll have to apply). I’m supposed to be getting a face to face meeting. No news on that yet. A year has passed since I asked if I could attend a forum.

– Said that they were proud of their sponsorship of an arena at Wembley when I asked why they were sponsoring arenas. I wondered what the hell they were doing sponsoring arenas while customers were paying hand over fist to keep their homes warm. They said that they can’t disclose how much all that costs because that information is “commercially sensitive.” I bet it is.

You can imagine how thrilling I’ve found all of this. I could go on and I think I will.

From Fuel Poverty Action:

“On Wednesday 25 November, we will find out how many thousands of people died last winter because they couldn’t afford to heat their homes. Join Fuel Poverty Action and Lambeth Pensioners Action Group (LAMPAG) to take action in parliament to show support for those who have died. Come inside to WARM UP, and speak out to MPs, demanding an end to the unacceptable death and misery caused by fuel poverty.”

Read the rest here and find out how to take action.

Wonder how proud of the SSE arena Southern Electric will be when fuel poverty death figures are released. Let’s ask them next week.

3 thoughts on “Take action against energy companies! I will. Southern Electric is ripping me off

  1. Hi Kate
    Perhaps I can be of help to you? My passion/hobby is fighting the power companies off my own bat, in my spare time on an entirely voluntary basis. My payment is the pleasure I get in hitting those corporate mugging carpet baggers where it hurts: In their pockets!

    Since Summer 2010 I’ve managed to claw back About £35,000 in rebates for tenants on my estate, ranging from £170 to £24,000 from 5 different power companies.
    From what little info you give in the above blog I strongly suspect that you live in an all electric flat/house, possibly with storage radiators (the night/day mention leads me to think you’re on Ec7 tariff or variant of.) If so, I’ve a pretty good idea of what stunt they’ve pulled. If not, then there are other stunts they pull too.

    I can’t promise anything, but I’d love to add SSE to my trophy belt (already includes Scottish Power, Eon, Npower, co-op Energy, SWalec and Opus Energy. Plus I really like you blog and would consider it an honour to help you out.
    If you’d like me to help out (after 5 years I’ve uncovered a load of tricks they pull) then e-mail me, and we’ll take it from there.


    • Hey Sandy my names heather. Im recoving from being very ill iv been back at work for few months after being off for 6 im just getting back on my feet. What your explaing above sounds exactly my situation. Please can u help iv been wanting to leave this company for years

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