AGES on hold with the DWP…

Because I like to log these things…

Called the DWP’s 0345 608 8545 benefits number last Thursday afternoon on behalf of a man who was worried about his benefit payment not being made.

Spent the best part of half an hour working through the options and then on hold while waiting to talk to someone. The whole call took about 45 minutes (43 minutes and 23 seconds to be precise). I’m pretty sure the DWP’s 0345 numbers cost on some phone plans.

This sort of waiting time won’t be news to anyone who regularly uses these systems. I like to note these waiting times for people who don’t regularly use these systems, so they can get a feel for some of the reasons why many people are angry and frustrated. It can be the little things, you know. They add up and add up.


Bit of maths on the topic by the excellent @StopCityAirport

It would be interesting to know how much people find themselves paying. A fiver is a lot to people – especially people who are ringing the DWP to find out why their benefit money hasn’t been paid in.

17 thoughts on “AGES on hold with the DWP…

  1. Just another DWP barrier to the claimant. The difficult, expensive phone-call that has to be repeated again and again. Without any apparent result.
    Listening to Vivaldi, ( Spring from the Four Seasons), now the cheerfully ironic theme-tune of the DWP.
    Evasion, confusion, difficulty at every turn. All quite deliberate.
    The idea that landlords are going to chase after their rent with one pointless call after another to some Universal Credit call-centre, is another piece of official stupidity.

  2. I have to regularly ring up the call centre , to report small self employed earnings
    and next about not receiving the UC payment.
    15- 20 mins to get connected to a person is average.
    I get warned about giving false info: ”you should be aware .” ”you are being recorded…”
    Then i have to try and tell to a robot what my business is..
    Finally I get a person, usually friendly.
    Then about 5 security questions in a row.

    Comical that they make computer illiterate people apply for universal credit online, but after that even the literate are forced to use the annoying call centre.
    It’s like they want to make sure they aggravate both groups.

    Claims to cost 55 pence a min from a pay as you go mobile , which I found out the hard way last year -I didn’t time it , but it nuked the whole £11 credit I had before I even got connected to a person –
    Now I go and use a stinking red phone box for 60 pence.
    Get some funny looks whilst stood in there , like I’m the last person in the UK not to have a mobile phone or something

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  5. In my experience, waiting 40-45 minutes on hold to the DWP is typical. Someone helps me with my benefits and she was on hold for 40 minutes once and 45 minutes another time. On two occasions, they said a Decision Maker would phone her back, but they never did.

  6. Have spent nearly 2.5 hours over the past 2 days trying to speak to someone and still not got through.
    If they had done their job and written to me with pension details as they should I wouldn’t be needing to call. Or if their computer systems would identify me perhaps that would save a phone call.
    Typical Government taking as much as they can from those who have nothing

  7. Jeff has pretty much summed it up.
    I was taken off ESA and swapped to JSA, so I sent in medical reports etc for a ‘Mandatory Reconsideration’, thus I did not claim JSA in the meanwhile. 5 weeks later I rang them to find out what is going on and they said they had never received my documents, despite the fact it was sent in a pre-paid envelope.

    This has now happened a second time. I sent in my sick note, and after four weeks I have just waited 50 minutes to be told they had not received my note – again.

    Now they want me to pester my Doctor for a duplicate and send it in again – you never know, it might not get ‘lost in the post’.
    I have received every letter they have ever sent me, yet strangely not received any of my mail to them. Meanwhile, I am living on nothing but still expected to be able to get to the JobCentre, pay my phone bill, have internet access and be able to travel to them.

    This is outrageous and a national disgrace.

  8. Absolutely frustrating. Listening to Vivaldi and silence… oh I got through… no it’s the ..thank you for waiting…aaarrrrrrhhhhhh. I only want to sign off JSA

  9. been on hold for over 38 mins so far. won my pip appeal but have not had backdated funds and motorbility say i owe them £1,500+ this is stressing me out and making me ill

    • just to let people know i finaly got a answer at 7:15 pm over 3 hours 30 mins on hold by the dwp but since there payments center is now closed i cant get my week late payment till mony so ill be sigigng on the day i will get the hahahahaha call back about payment not recieved

  10. Frustrated isn’t the word…… Have been calling ESA all summer try to get proof of benefits letter for my son. The shortest time I’ve waited (until getting fed up and hanging up) has been 27 minutes. I have to get this done today so am waiting. Call time so far 48 minutes! God only knows how much all these calls are costing me.

  11. Been on hold with DWP for over an hour, still on while I write this.
    It’s now 15:51 Friday tempted to think they are just letting the clock round down till they finish. Now 1hour 7 mins still waiting.

  12. I was on hold for an hour, after which I was cut off. I then called back and was on hold for yet another 45 minutes – A total of 1hr 45mins.

    When I mentioned this to the person I spoke to, the attitude was ‘So what?’

    • my wife has terminal cancer so i have to ring these morons about her ds1500 form to adjust the pittance she will get 1 hour and 10 minutes and still counting.
      an absolute shocking and vile disgrace with these digusting non caring govt departments..
      as if we dont have enough to worry about

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