Police called because we were leafleting on the wrong part of the pavement

While the world goes to hell in a handcart… Shepherd’s Bush jobcentre called the police today because a small group of people (five) from the Kilburn Unemployed Workers’ Group were standing on the wrong part of the pavement as they handed out leaflets. There was a line between the sidewalk and the paving-stones on the entranceway that people in our group crossed when it started to pour.

Two of Fulham’s finest attended this incident. One copper told us that the police had received a report that our group was blocking the doorway. The coppers checked us out. “I can see you’re not blocking the doorway,” the first copper said.

I’m sure there’s a point about jobcentre and police priorities, and civil liberties, in here somewhere. Haven’t quite decided what it is. Might post some video later.

2 thoughts on “Police called because we were leafleting on the wrong part of the pavement

  1. Thanks for this, Kate. Maybe jobcentre managers should have some of that supposedly magical Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help them realise that the ‘nuisance’ KUWG activists cause them are blown up out of proportion?

    Meanwhile, I heard today on BBC Breakfast that councils such as Newport are planning on voting to charge rough sleepers fines of £1,000 for upsetting the experience of shopping centre customers. This is in line with ‘Public Space Protection Orders’. With the aid of 80,000 petition signatures, Hackney Council has recently seen sense on this.

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